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mission statement

with a name like sleazy. . .

Dominic Geralds is a smart entrepreneur; he knew exactly what he was doing when he named his streetwear clothing brand Sleazy.

Sleazy is a word that has a very special meaning to Dom.
It is a word that has been unfairly put on him his whole life.

Sleazy is a word that means corrupt or immoral.
It is a word used to describe people and situations that simply aren’t what society wants to acknowledge. People are often labeled sleazy for things entirely out of their control. Too many times people who are simply trying to live, love and make a living are labeled sleazy due to their industry or their style or where they reside or how they look. 

Fair or not, sleazy is a term Dominic learned to live with and more importantly accept, not as a mark of a character flaw but instead, as his superpower.

redefining sleazy

We’re embracing and showcasing what it is to be sleazy with pride! Every one of our $leazy designs are meant to help give voices to the voiceless and to shine light where there isn’t any. Oftentimes those who wear streetwear or identify (either by choice or necessity) with the urban sub-culture are unfairly judged. 

While a  person in a polo can walk into any shop and ask for an application or strike up a conversation with a sales worker this isn’t the case for a  person in a hoodie. Even if all other factors are exactly the same. Even if that person is speaking in clear and polite English and presenting themselves as well as anyone else. They will likely be judged by their clothing and more importantly how their clothing overall contributes to the MYTH and LIE that some people are more valuable than others. 

And I’m sorry to say a polo does not make you more (or less) valuable to society than a hoodie. 

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Worse yet, the unfortunate flip-side of this is that both people are just as much as hard-working hustlers trying to find their place and make their money in the world. 

So $leazy people, like us, are left with two choices. Either we change the way we express ourselves and inauthentically pull on the proverbial polo - forgoing who we are for who society wants us to be. OR fight back. 

We wear dope apparel that we feel good in - in OUR style and we continue to fight the good fight: changing opinions and opening minds so that one day a young man looking for a job in a hoodie because its cold and he doesn’t have a car and he has to walk everywhere goes can be treated with the same dignity as a man who can afford to drive his own car and leave his jacket on the passenger seat.

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behind the designs

Dominic Geralds works in collaboration with local designers to create designs inspired by situations and people deemed sleazy by society but are actually a part of the larger mosaic that is our shared culture.

While some people may pass a graffiti tagged building and quiver and quake at the audacity of kids today, others may walk past that same wall and see a one-of-a-kind, spontaneous artistic expression on an otherwise expressionless brick wall.

The aim of $leazy is to capture situations that speak to that larger perspective that allows space for each of us to exist exactly as we are, without snap judgements on our personal value based on the style of clothing we chose to put on that morning.

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