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a legend in the making:

dominic geralds

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Dominic Geralds was born to be an entrepreneur. Since a very young age he has had this adept ability to see a need and postulate a solution to said need. 

His first flex of his business acumen was selling Caprisun juice pouches and snack packs for a profit to the kids at school. 

Sure the box said “not for individual sale”, but Dominic Geralds was young and he had his wits. The kids at school had cash to burn and they wanted what he could provide. Selling his extra snacks and juices he was able to start accumulating profits and learning in the field what it takes to make a business thrive. 

So when Dom started talking about starting his own clothing line shortly after graduating high school it surprised NO ONE! 

Dominic Geralds officially launched $leazy, his streetwear clothing brand, in 2022, but this is far from where his story ends. Dominic Geralds is here to take the world on and stop trying to fit into societal narratives that aren’t designed for him or people like him. 

He’s ready to change the world! You know, like legends do?

Meet Dominic Geralds

Dominic has been infatuated with fashion and clothing since a very young age. He found the options at the mall tantalizing and loved how different pieces of clothing could help him express different parts of himself.

Clothing became almost an art, and because clothing isn’t cheap and Dominic isn’t independently wealthy - as you may have gathered from his societal sanctioned “sleazy” label - so he would often have to get creative with reusing pieces or pairing things in different ways to capture the mood was he was in.

That love of fashion plus his growing unhappiness with the limited options for clothing that appealed to his style, and his entrepreneurial spirit was all it took to get this passion project off the ground.

behind the designs

Dominic Geralds works in collaboration with local designers to create designs inspired by situations and people deemed sleazy by society but are actually a part of the larger mosaic that is our shared culture.
While some people may pass a graffiti tagged building and quiver and quake at the audacity of kids today, others may walk past that same wall and see an one-of-a-kind, spontaneous artistic expression on an otherwise expressionless brick wall.
The aim of $leazy is to capture situations that speak to that larger perspective that allows space for each of us to exist exactly as we are, without snap judgements on our personal value based on the style of clothing we chose to put on that morning.