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$leazy is an apparel clothing brand that aims to help the underrepresented and misunderstood express themselves in a way that feels authentic to them! 

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$leazy people, like us, are left with two choices. Either we change the way we express ourselves and inauthentically pull on the proverbial polo - forgoing who we are for who society wants us to be. OR fight back. 

Our mission is to turn this around. Being labeled sleazy will be a way of authentic expression - not of negativity.

$leazy apparel is the representation of the motivated efforts a person has when they’re not granted the same opportunities in this life as others. For the people who’ve had their backs to a wall with all odds set against them, they push through to make the most of their situation. It's the grind to come out on top through adversity and any moving of the goal post.

If you’re any where between chasing dreams and doing things people said you couldn’t, that's $leazy.

- Dominic Geralds

urban apparel

apparel that can handle the everyday grind

Looking for a durable, stylish and effortlessly $leazy hoodie that can stand the long hours on the streets or in the warehouse? We’ve got you and those tired shoulders covered.
Looking for a high-quality and trendsetting shirt to pair with a skirt for a job interview? We’ll help you crush that interview and the myth that streetwear has no place in professional society!
We’ll even let you call us old-fashioned - but only this once- because we strongly believe that streetwear should actually be able to hold up to the everyday grind of us hard-working, hard-living Sleazy street people!

meet dominic

Dominic has been infatuated with fashion and clothing since a very young age. He found the options at the mall tantalizing and loved how different pieces of clothing could help him express different parts of himself. Clothing became almost an art, and because clothing isn’t cheap and Dominic isn’t independently wealthy - as you may have gathered from his societal sanctioned “sleazy” label - so he would often have to get creative with reusing pieces or pairing things in different ways to capture the mood was he was in.
That love of fashion plus his growing unhappiness with the limited options for clothing that appealed to his style, and his entrepreneurial spirit was all it took to get this passion project off the ground.